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For a couple of days, I had been working on a major project, spending long hours over the weekend even into the night editing a comprehensive document, With last Tuesday afternoon as the deadline, I quickly did the final editing of my document before attempting to attach it to an apologetic reply mail around 4:30 pm. 

Photography – Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography

But when I searched for the supposedly saved document, it was nowhere to be found ! not even in folders where it should not be. It had simply vanished without a trace. I was gutted! Panic set in, and even after my evening routine, I could not go to sleep before I had solved my problem. So eventually I picked myself up, dusted myself off and set out to start all over again  – from scratch!  It’s amazing how much short term information the brain can store, because as I sat down to edit a new document, so many elements of what had been in the first one came back to me. And what originally had taken me 10-12 hours or more to do, finally was re-written in less than 6 in a slightly modified but possibly even better version. I was dead sure that I had created a full backup document (just in case) before saving my new masterpiece and mailing it successfully.

It’s wonderful how a good night’s sleep can heal at least minor scars.  And this morning I got out of bed with a song in my heart, happy that I am finally able to enjoy sharing this outfit, which I had all intentions of sharing yesterday.  The stress I was under reminds me of the anxiety I felt when doing this shoot.  I wanted to shoot this outfit at an office building to reflect the official feel to it. We were given 45 minutes to take our photos, but just as we had begun to set up we were told to be finished in just 15 minutes! Luckily we did just fine.

This outfit is typical of what I would wear to official meetings on a cold Nairobi day, Then maybe lose the coat revealing the crop top for a quick evening warm up drink.

Coat – Fallieluks in Veteran house Nairobi, Skirt- Top shop, Shoes – here , Crop top – here


silvia njoki collageon the job silvia njoki on the job silvia njoki on the job silvia njoki cover



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  1. Love the color palette on your coat! Plus the design is so fancy! <3 Oh, and also, I just realised that you kinda look like Shirley B. Eniang on your avatar. 🙂


    1. ha ! she is gorg.
      Very fancy design I agree. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures. Loving the coat {GORGEOUS}
    How comes you never smile in your pictures??
    http://tastiedine.wordpress.com {Foodie Heaven}

    1. I do smile, I am actually smiling right now looking at the food on your blog ! yummy !

  3. I love crop tops. Amazing look

    1. Asante

  4. what an eventful week you had. Hopefully everything is better now. I am about to start a fashion and beauty blog and you realy inspire me, I sent you an email today… please tell me how to get tips.

    1. I will look out for your email Brenda. But I will address this with a post here

  5. perfect all round- thats you in a nutshell. Your nails are always on fleek… am i the only one who notices??

    1. lol … Well, not always/… but thanks x

  6. You look amazing. The out fit is gorgeous. The background is perfect.. I love love love.

    1. Asante sana. ☺

  7. Silvia nice pics !!! now….. you have to invest in microsoft office 365 That allows you to back up your docs on cloud too for free with upto 5 different devices with a single license. Try it out you will love it !

    1. So nice of you to share this info. Let me look more into it. God bless xox

  8. Location! Location! Location! Where is this place?

    1. I forget the name. But it’s on Waiyaki way. Fairly new…

  9. Looove this post, the location is everything. And you look stunning….


    1. I have to go back lol , hopefully they will give me more time xox

  10. ahhh, I know too well the panic mode that sets in!! You seem pretty much composed I must say 🙂 always refreshing to read your blog. And that outfit, chic, official!!

    1. ‘Chic Official’… I like 🙂

  11. oh my God, i think one is lucky if they havent been in such a situation, mostly school work though,
    i love the outfit, too cool for school 😛


  12. Lovely coat by the way. And The backdrop of these images is everything.

    Great post as usual.

    1. thank you for stopping by 🙂

  13. 15 minutes?damn!You pretty much managed to nail the pics..Looking gorgeous as always..xx


    1. I would have loved more time though.
      Asante !

  14. Love this post & the new site format.

  15. You look stunning!Am new to your blog, so you will pardon my many comments.

    1. You are welcome ? lovely to hear your feedback