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How I shop Online

Good morning,
This is the most frequently asked question on my blog. How do I shop online?

There is now only one month till Christmas, and even our local supermarkets already have Christmas offers!
Of course they have loads of other stuff as well. It’s this time of the year, after all.
I cannot wait to get a few new outfits for the holiday!  And as I am sure you have noticed from my previous posts, I do get some of my hottest items from on-line shops.
Some of you, quite a few in fact, have asked me how I manage to get buy my clothes from online shops safe and securely.Not only clothes and accessories like I am always buying, but anything your little heart desires. Even air tickets from your favourite airlines. Online shopping is so much fun….. I have often spent a whole evening on just one site browsing through all the wonderful things they will let me have – like a kid in a candy shop. The problem only begins when the bill needs to be paid. And at first I was a bit hesitant to click “pay” when I got to the check out page. But by now I can tell you it’s simple and easy with PayPal , which I have come to appreciate and have loved to use for years.

International suppliers will require you to have a valid debit card from your bank account, whether Kenyan or international. But I do understand the hesitation of some to give away their credit card details.

I had the same problem when I first started shopping online. But now, thousands of online shops now accept PayPal. And one thing I really love about shopping with PayPal is that the shop you are buying from has no access to your card details, so it is 100% safe. And using this payment method has never failed me. Nor have I had any problems on my PayPal account, which by the way is very transparent and easy to monitor. When you make a payment with PayPal they do not share your financial details with the seller. This gives you so much more control and provides an extra layer of security. They also protect your eligible purchases with PayPal Buyer Protection, which means that If an eligible item doesn’t show up, or turns out to be different from what was described, PayPal will help you sort things out with the seller.
Isn’t that just great?

On-line shops are well aware that the big spenders are on their toes this time of the year. And huge discounts are offered just now by most outlets. So please don’t miss this opportunity to make great bargains. In the US they call the coming weekend Black Friday. An opportunity to buy awesome stuff at greatly discounted prices from your favourite online shops

All you need to do is to do to sign up for PayPal is to go to www.paypal.com/ke and sign up enter your personal details including your email address and card details. Once that info is stored on their data base your purchases can be completed just by giving your email address and your password. It cannot be simpler than this.

On that note, I am considering giving you some of my hard-earned tips on how to ship goods bought in the US to Kenya, if the seller is not prepared to do it. This is probably the biggest obstacle when it comes to online shopping. But having done so much online shopping with PayPal, I think that by now I have found the best way to handle this problem. Please give me some time to get my info organized, and I shall put up a post on that this Thursday.

I will also share with you some of my favorite shops! that will be having sales on Black Friday through to cyber Monday! and of-course a lust-list

So go ahead and get yourself a paypal account and lets shop this weekend!

If you have any questions about online shopping that I haven’t tackled, feel free to contact me or leave  a comment below.




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