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This is a peek into my life as a fashion blogger and of how the digital age and the gentle arts of fashion and beauty invariably need a strong technological backup partner, especially for digital influencers like myself.  When Samsung approached me with a proposal for a collaboration I was excited about the project.

Video shot and editted by Charles Ngomo 

Fashion blogging is not a new phenomenon in Kenya and I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity to let all of you have a peek into my life as a fashion blogger. What you watch on my blog is the end product of a complex, time consuming but inspiring cooperation, and I wanted to give you an insight into some of the preparatory work which goes on behind the scene, including the selection of the outfits and the makeup, the long drives and flights to find the perfect location, the shoot and finally the editing of the post. 

Being a fashion blogger is not easy.  If you want to be at the forefront of the profession you have to constantly keep yourself updated, informed and inspired. I do this by reading magazines (both print and digital) attending fashion shows and by following what is happening on the social media platforms and for this, I need an all round efficient device that allows me not only to be at the forefront of the digital space but also gives me a platform to express myself. 

I am living my dream hope you as well are prepared to follow your dreams at whatever cost.

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