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Mini me – Tulle Skirt




Good morning and welcome to a new exciting week! Just in case you forgot…. This is Pink October, and I urge you all in my effort to focus attention on the risk of breast cancer and the need for all of you women to go for a check-up.

Last year I made a similar appeal right here on my blog and gave you the details of where in Kenya to go for an examination. I hope the information is still up to date. Otherwise feel free to contact the relevant authorities.

Last year I celebrated the month by wearing a pink maxi dress. This time however, my little daughter joined in perfect mini-me style. I loved how she wore the tulle skirt, and we both had a fun time. y’all know how much I love tulle skirts, seen here and here.  They are so easy to make and so much fun to wear. This time I made them in pink for breast cancer awareness month. Pink is a colour that is associated with femininity and vibrancy, good health and happiness.

This is my modest way of asking you to pay your tatas some attention this and every other month.











Here is another mini-me outfit incase you missed it

This morning me and my family are leaving for Tsavo National Park. Super, super excited !  It is not only Nielsine’s but also my first safari (can you believe it?) I am super fired up to go out in the wild. You can keep up with my adventures on instagram @silvianjoki

And don’t forget to wear some pink one of these days…

Wishing you all a fab week!

Skirts – DIY

My vest – Old from Primark

Nielsines top and Flower crown – Mr Price at the Junction

My earrings – same here