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Leather tights , Poncho

I think leather pants are quite hot, and this poncho is snug and warm.


As I told you before, I am not keen on wearing leather pants during the day. But the weather lately got me screaming for more leather tights.

But honestly , you guys, it really isn’t that cold… its been worse.

I used to wear this poncho with a knit top , but this time I only paired it with a simple vest and I stayed warm.







Next week , I am folding my knits and quilts away and heading to my second home in the Coast for some sun and sand.

I am sure my daughter will appreciate it as well. If you follow me on instagram and facebook, you have seen how I have been dressing her this cold season. But just incase you missed the pictures, here we go …



I rarely put her in dresses lately, I find that its easier for her to play in pants or tights.  And for a child her age , its more important to be practical rather than fashionable, but I do try to strike a balance.

I haven’t managed to sew lately, but I am off work the next few weeks and I will be sewing for her. Also a few requests on her hair and I will do an update for that as well.

Have a great week.

Stay warm.

Silvia xx


Outfit details

Poncho – Old from New Look

Leather tights – Freddys collection in Veteran house. Nairobi

Earrings- Gifted

Boots – Old from Primark. You can get similar ones from Instyle shoes on Woodvale Groove, Westlands. Nairobi.