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    backyard shoesMonochrome is one of the easiest trends to rock and is visually appealing on everyone. I love this super chic front zipper A-line monochrome dress. When wearing blacks and whites in a more casual setting, I believe having the right pop of colour is essential. What really excites me the most about wearing monochrome ensembles is the ability to highlight any colour of your choice. The black and white trend is popular, and adding one colour in your accessories makes it more fun and playful, like I did with these pink T-strap heels.

How are your Christmas plans coming along? With the many activities pulling you in all directions, particularly at this time of the year, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep your focus on the preparations for the family celebration.

I am running late putting up our Christmas tree, after my recent trip to Europe and I am excited to do it this weekend. The tree will mainly be for my daughter, it has to be colourful and fun.  She has seen enough pictures, and even videos, and is for the first time really looking forward to Christmas, and can’t wait to have her own tree. So it definitely is about time!

Christmas is a magical time for children, and I am happy that this year she is more aware of what is going on. She has already been introduced to a few Christmas songs at school and at home, and can sing along to “Away in a Manger”.  And over the course of this year she has learnt to appreciate and value gifts, not only receiving them but also packing little things in boxes for me and enjoying hearing me saying  thank you. So it will be exciting for me to share this festive season with her, but most importantly, remind her of the true meaning of Christmas, which is to give and to share, to love one another and to celebrate a life given to us for eternity.

Wishing you all the best as you finalize your Christmas preparations and get ready to celebrate and enjoy with your loved ones.

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