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Old shirt to Baby skirt and top

It has been a while since I shared my DIY creations with you.


But when I came across this old and slightly torn shirt, and saw the beautiful hand embroidery, I immediately knew that I wanted to make something really special out of it for my daughter. For me it was also a way to keep the beauty of the flowers and the birds and give them a new life.

My favourite part is however the skirt! The reason I went for that option is that, in spite of her growing wardrobe, she actually doesn’t have very many skirts of this type. I fitted it with a  elastic band around the waist.




I had to sew it all by hand and spent an afternoon and an evening (about 5 hours altogether) completing the outfit. It was a labour of love, and I simply couldn’t put my sewing away until it was finished. I do find sewing by hand to be very calming, especially for non tedious tasks like this one.

It dint require a lot of sewing as I tried to follow in the seams of the original blouse.

So happy that it fitted her perfectly, and I will definitely do more refashioning in the future and share the outcome with you here on the blog.

We are also now finally finishing up the baby room. And as I have promised long ago, I am definitely planning to share few pics of it on the blog in two weeks or possibly less.

Wishing you a fab weekend as well!