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Reflecting On The Past Year

With my birthday coming up on the 15th, another year in my personal calendar is coming to an end, and once again I feel that this is a perfect time for reflection and appreciation of what I have achieved. It has been an amazing year by any standard, and I have so much to be grateful for. Both on the professional and social fronts, I have taken new and daring initiatives, which all have proven to pave the way to a better and brighter future.

This blog Style by Silvia has been growing from strength to strength during this third year of its life, and I love this platform for sharing my personal journey with a focus on fashion as well as my journeys around the world which is one of the recent and wonderful spinoffs of this blog.  Launching my new blog StyleYetu after months of hard work in the planning phase made a year-old dream come true. As we are approaching its one month anniversary, it is already clear that it has been very well received by its potential readers in Kenya and abroad. Thank you.

When you have a dream that keeps you awake night, when you spend hours every day investing time, effort and money in your vision, then one of the greatest tokens of appreciation you can get is seeing that so many people believe in you. And I am happy to have friends and family who support me. Over the last year, I have made a firm decision to slow down in my styling career (which was my main source of income for a long time) and focus on blogging full time. To be able to take this drastic measure has not been easy, and I believe that in years to come I shall consider this the main achievement of my year. On the personal front, my daughter is my greatest joy; she is doing so well at school, is always so bubbly and happy and a great little friend to have around in the house; I am so happy about the close relationship I have with her. She makes me be a better and happier person. I have brought her up as a vegetarian, and through her we have adopted a healthier eating lifestyle at home, probably one of my other great achievements this past year. And for those of you who keep asking. Yes, there will be a mini-me post one of these days.

I have laughed, cried and suffered material losses over the past year. I have loved and forgiven. I have lived and learned. Birthdays can’t be only about popping bottles and dancing all night long – but yes, there will be that too; I love a good party. But I also feel that reflecting on the past year, learning from your mistakes, letting go and embracing forgiveness, even of yourself, is crucially important. As I blow out my candles 3 days from today, one year older and wiser, I will look forward to move on into a new and hopefully even more wonderful year.

Charles Ngomo Photography

Makeup by @phoinatosha

Shot at the Marula House

Earrings and Ring – Embody Accessories, Shoes – Backyard shoes, Dress – Shein

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