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Seeking Inspiration in Diani, Kenya

It happens to all of us now and then, and a few weeks ago I was the one to feel low in energy and generally uninspired.  And I decided to do something about it, and taking some days off to chill in beautiful surroundings seemed to be a perfect plan.

So I set off to Diani at the Kenya coast south of Mombasa together with a few friends to enjoy a different environment in the beautiful Sultan saka house and get inspired and although I live on the coast (north of Mombasa) I also had a great time exploring the opportunities for sailing, snorkeling, swimming and just having some lazy time around the pool in a different surrounding. Not to mention the yummy food cooked by the chef of our house or served at the numerous beach bars.  I loved every minute of this eventful but still perfectly laid-back escape from my daily surroundings and routines.

And this for me is the essence of the story and the reason why I am sharing it with you.  What made this such a valuable and invigorating experience for me was my emergence in new activities in a different and very attractive physical setting. As a creative who always is expected to (and in fact genuinely wants to) come up with new and surprising angles to my outputs,  a steady inflow of new inspirations is key to enhancing and increasing the level of my creativity and motivation.

Particularly, resting effortlessly without a care in the world in and around my amazing home for these days allowed me to let my thoughts flow freely and regenerate my creative mind while my body and spirit was peacefully at rest.

My efforts absolutely paid off, and by the time I arrived back home to my own beach house I was again full of bustling energy and new ideas.  So busy getting back to work, in fact, that it’s only now I am getting around to share some of my experiences and photos with you guys.

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