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Sheer and Knit Dress

Orange is my favorite color. Tangerine , Rust , Sunset …


Wearing any shade of orange, whether as an accessory or in an outfit, makes me happy.

I bought this neck-piece last year and only just wore it. It is such a bold piece. I have seen it in some editorial shoots looking amazing! But for everyday wear, I fell it would only work with an all black or an all white outfit. Any suggestions on how to style it ?









This dress is perfect for the weather, the under dress is a heavy warm knit, layered in a soft sheer overcoat.

I paired it with the same sheer top worn here

I also love the front button closures that allow for a slit.

Have a great week!

Silvia x

Dress from Fashion bar Veteran House

Shoes – Angelo same worn here

Neck piece – Mr. Price at the Junction Mall




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  1. The hair! I love how you style your locs! The neckpiece is stunning and I personally love how An orange ornament looks on an electric blue canvas with subtle gold accents to finish it off,if you aren’t afraid of colour!

    1. I am certainly not afraid of colour. Even if I don’t wear it as often.

  2. this looks like what you’d wear for a magazine cover


    1. You could … 🙂

  3. Your locks are amazing! I love how experimental you are with them: color,style etc.I have locks longer if not almost your size and would you believe i do nothing to them!?! Shame.They are always in up in a bun.! I love the outfit too! Especially the cover up/sheer overcoat.

    1. You should really try the different styles. When I locked my hair I always had them up, then people kept asking if I ever get bored…. it was time for something new.
      Plus when they are very very long in 8 years or so, I wont be able to style them. So I am having fun now.

  4. There is something modest and yet sexy about this outfit! Loves it!

    1. That is true 🙂 thank you

  5. I love how you style your outfits, its so cool and interesting how you accessorized the necklace with the black, it stands out subtlety without overpowering the look …would you try it with a corset top, something strapless, especially a bandeau…?

    1. Haha so i wore it again here http://silvianjoki.com/gridlinesprintoutfit/

      Let me know what you think