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DIY Skirt to Beach Vest

Silvia NjokiIt’s been quite a while since I have posted a tutorial. But I used to love these easy challenges. And a few days ago when I came across some early tutorials, my love for them was rekindled.

I finally laid hands on this old fashioned skirt, which is not really something I would wear if I had a choice, But I love the floral, summerly print and I thought it would serve me well for the beach. Plus its always a great challenge to refashion pieces I wouldn’t wear, because my work as a stylist involves working with the resources I’ve got, and making them work.
When I go for walks on the beach in a bikini I always like to wear a cover-up to feel more comfortable and it gives me more styling options when I can play around with cover ups. I had a vision of how I could transform this skirt into a light, girlish and unpretentious beach wear.  Of course you can also use the vest on top of a pair of white jeans or a skirt.

I love simple DIY’s, and for this one all you need is:

-a pair of scissors,

-a vest that fits you to trace

-Fabric chalk

– Pins

-Sewing machine or needle and thread for hemming of the edges

DIY vest DIY


1. Carefully cut off the waistband. This will be your belt. Trim the edges.

2. Layout the skirt with your vest on top.  Trace the armholes with your fabric chalk.  (The armholes will be slightly larger than your own arm hole due to the cut of the skirt)

3. Pin and fit the top. Alter armholes If needed ( I like the slouchy fit)

4. Hem all around the collar down to the armholes, by machine or hand, depending on the fabric you use. Some don’t need to be finished.

Very easy and straight forward as you can see.. All in all it took me less than an hour to do – including the hemming.

silvia njoki DIY vest Silvia Njoki

beach vest

Have a great day!

Bikini – same worn here

Earrings – Mr.Price