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playlist[su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap] love music and I especially need it to be in the background when I am channeling my creative energy; be it writing, sewing or even cooking . I had so much fun compiling this playlist last time, and over the weekend, I compiled a list of a few of the songs which I have been vibing to. They are pretty mellow tunes, so If you love quiet melodies to relax to, or you are simply looking to discover some new music, this post is for you.

What songs have you been loving? Share with me in the comments section and I will check them out!










Xavier Rudd

 His music was playing at a beach restaurant that I frequent and I fell in love with his energy. I quickly downloaded his album ‘Spirit Bird’ when I got home that evening. Since then, he has has been on replay. His music is soothing, emotive and deeply soulful tucked in a message of spirituality and love.

Here are two of my favorite songs from Xavier


‘I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground’ 

This songs brings me down to earth. It tries to describe the joy of coming closer to God when you feel distant from His love.

Dustin Tebbutt –  Chill and moody all in one… Love it !!


I don’t know how a sad song can feel so good…

Mr Probz

Such breathtaking deep raspy vocals. Sung with a heart full of emotion.


Tye Tribbet

The one monumental song that gets me to my knees and reminds me that I am nothing without HIM


The song is about moving on after a heartbreak, but for me … a constant reminder that every bad situation gets better with time.