Statement Dress With Uneven Hem


I got this dress made for a dinner party, but ended up pairing it with these flats for a brunch with girlfriends instead. It was one of those days when I didn’t want to leave the house since everything was getting a bit overwhelming. But then, thank God, I had those friends who wanted to cheer me up!

Sometimes when I am stressed or sad I wear a happy colored piece, and during the course of the day my mood invariably shifts.  A bright dress like this definitely does the trick, as it did on that day. I love the loose fit of it. This outfit is super simple, yet so edgy in its own right – and I especially love the uneven hem. This year I have noticed a lot of sleeve detailing so when I commissioned my tailor to sew this dress from me, I knew I wanted bell sleeves which she did perfectly. For the brunch I dressed it down with these shoes from Backyard that I got less than a month ago and already have worn close to 10 times! The girls and I had a great laid-back day…

Dress – email me for orders
Shoes – backyard shoes
Clutch – MimiNash
Hair – Makeupcloudke
silvianjokisignoff (1)
style by silvia
charles ngomo phogography
kenyan fashion blogger
I was recently nominated by the Abryanz awards, for the Fashion Blogger Or Writer of the year (Africa) category. You can vote for me here 
Photography by Charles Ngomo

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