Structured Peplum Bandage dress


The weekend is here and I feel that this is the right day to share a dress I wore to a night out  a couple of days ago, and hopefully, It will serve as an inspiration to you, as you try to figure out what to wear this weekend. The structured peplum just won my heart ! Bandage dresses are made from a curve contouring and enhancing fabric which is a big plus.

IMG_0664 IMG_0676 IMG_0680 IMG_0657 IMG_0635 IMG_0615 IMG_0602

Have a great weekend and stay safe.


Dress – Hausofmednette, 7th floor. Devan Plaza in Westlands,  Nairobi.

Shoes – Backyard shoes – Ground Floor of Bandari Plaza, Woodvale Grove, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 720 596844

Ring and earrings- Bridgits accessories, 1st floor Nairobi stalls



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  • Peter


    • Stylebysilvia

      ☺ thanks

  • Shiro

    Lovely outfit! you need to do a post about bras for different outfits and where to find them in this city. It is so crazy to find nice/different bras for different outfits in this Nairobi.

    • Stylebysilvia

      I will. Luckily for me on this one, I got away with no bra cause of my small bust. …

  • Sexayyyy mama!

    • Stylebysilvia

      Ditto !

  • Larine

    LOVE IT!

    • Stylebysilvia

      Asante Larine

  • maureenbandari

    Silvia please return my dress mama 🙂 HOT

    • Stylebysilvia

      haha,… thanks love

  • Flo

    You look amazing.

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thanks thanks Flo

  • Ida Achieng


    • Stylebysilvia

      yaaayy 🙂

  • Rose Kimani

    Omg. Your hair! Different styles each time! I thought having locs was boring but you really know how to keep yours fun. Whoever does your hair is fantastic !

    • Stylebysilvia

      I actually come up with the styles, and she executes them well… Thank you 🙂

  • Ravishing!!!

    • Stylebysilvia

      asante Mumbi xx

  • I cant find the fitting words to describe this exquisite attire, I am truly in love with everything about it! 🙂

    • Stylebysilvia

      glad you like it 😉

  • Talk about show stopping. Yes ma’am.

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you dada 🙂

  • Stylebysilvia

    🙂 xox


    You look Ah!-Mazing!!
    So much style and grace!
    Also, if you don’t mind my asking, who is your photographer?

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you ☺ my friends and family do. Pretty much anyone around me who can handle a camera. I have learnt to work the settings of my camera and do the final touch ups on my laptop.

  • AMillionPinks

    you look so amazing!! love your hair!