The Capsule Skirt

silvia njoki


 I love this skirt both because it is colourful and happy with all its poppies, but also because I have a little story to go with it.  I saw it in a short glimpse one day when I was driving to the car wash, and proceeded to be stuck in traffic for 30mins!

Charles Ngomo Photography

Makeup by @phoinatosha

Shot at the Marula House

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As soon as I had dropped my car I hurried back to the thrift store, almost running for the 300 meters or more, hoping it would still be there – which it obviously was, since it is now in my wardrobe.  Sometimes you can really be lucky with impulse buying! I am not really big on floral prints, but I am warming more and more to them. One of my ultimate most favourite floral outfits has to be this jumpsuit. But what really drew me to this skirt was the A-line cut which I love and the fact that I can dress it up or down and wear it to numerous occasions.  One great thing about this type of skirt is that it flatters any body shape, but if you are a plus size girl, I suggest that you avoid one with too much flare, go easy on the bulk. This belt is also a favourite in my closet; it enhances any silhouette and adds a glam finish to any outfit.

 I hope you guys are well, It has been a busy 2 weeks for me setting up Styleyetu, getting the hang of things, adapting a whole new schedule and trying to balance everything. So it was nice today when my 3-year-old daughter had her first ever school play and I could go watch her. She made mama proud!

This weekend I will make a conscious effort to try and sleep/rest more, watch some good TV, read my magazines, go out for wine with a girlfriend, or to the beach with my daughter. Basically stay away from my computer and recharge for a bit! What are your weekend plans? 

silvianjokisignoff (1)

Skirt – Thrifted, Top – MR. price,

Shoes – Backyard shoez, Earrings – Embody 

silvia njoki

how to wear a floralskirt

daniel wellington


how to wear a floralskirt

daniel wellington


style by silvia



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  • So so lovely. Pure perfection.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante Elle 🙂

  • No way!That skirt can’t be thrifted! It is gorgeous!Wow!
    Lovely post.
    Congrats btw on the launch of Style Yetu website.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Glad you like it and thank you for visiting styleyetu !

  • before i read your post message, i thought you had it done, Lucky girl 😛

    • Silvia_njoki

      hehe asante 🙂

  • That skirt doesn’t look thrifted at all!! Love how you styled it.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Thank you mama Zosi !!

  • Local citizen

    Looks cool

    • Silvia_njoki


  • Jerry Narkiso

    I love your new blog style yetu…. and I love the fact that you are doing what you love.. I also opened my blog but its based on photography.. I hope that one day I will reach your level

    • Silvia_njoki

      congratulations!! keep at it, there is nothing better than doing what you love.

  • Barbara Tess

    I love the fun floral print. It’s actually more versatile than people think depending on how you style and complement it. Awesome.

  • Mimu Bhoe

    Love the whole look! Where is the belt from?

  • Diana

    Thanks thanks Thanks Silvia… I didn’t know it’s called capsule skirt and I am in loveeeeee!

    • Silvia_njoki

      hi, this is a skater skirt.

      ‘a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion’

      this skirt is exactly that to me 🙂