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silvia njoki fur scarf

A few years ago when I was pursuing my BSc in Food technology, I spent some time as an intern in a food factory. By then, I had lost any serious interest in pursuing a future in food science and already had my sights set on a professional career in the world of fashion.

Photography – Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography

So the worst part of working as a food technologist in a lab was not the work itself (since I have always loved sciences) but the fact that I was required to adhere to a strict dress code; which is normally protective clothing (lab coats) with headwear for laboratory and factory work. While any kind of makeup, perfume and over the top accessories were strictly banned.

Being passionate about pretty clothes and personal beauty, I felt suffocated having to look like a little grey mouse.

I admire my sisters who even with a regular 9-5 job, in an office for instance, manage to look sharp and even elegant, in case the management allows that they explore their fashion choices. And in fact there are many ways to spice up a conservative office outfit, even within the limits set by the job. However even in fashion or beauty related businesses, Some employees often have to wear a uniform or follow a specific dress code – like my friends at the MAC make up shops have to wear all black ensembles. But they have managed to spice up their all blacks without losing their individuality.
You surely can appreciate how happy and privileged I feel to have a job where I can dress up every day and which permits me to be as edgy and daring as I can be. It is a wonderful profession where beauty and fashion forwardness are not only appreciated but contributes to my success. This outfit for example, is one that I would wear to a formal meeting, adding the faux fur scarf elevates the outfit and adds some sense of originality.

How do you keep your work outfits fun and edgy ?

Photos shot at Hotel Rudi

On my lips – Merlot by Dose of colours, Pant suit – Contact , Faux fur scarf- Fashion bar at veteran house Nairobi, Shoes – same here, Earrings – H&M, Glasses-sold out from Retrocity sunglasses


dress for work silvia njoki dress for work silvia njoki dress for work cover hotel Rudi Silvia Njoki Silvia njoki hotel Rudi silvia njoki fur scarf



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  • Mercy

    I work as a receptionist and always accessorize to keep my work clothes fun, I love this look Silvia

    • Silvia_njoki

      Accessories are the icing always

  • that fur just transforms that look into some fabulous’ness

    • Silvia_njoki

      I agree 🙂

  • Makio Wamalika

    looking gorgeous, love your eye wear, your hair is on it girl!!

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante xox

  • miss_tyrious

    wow!! i want you to be my stylish boss Sylvia hehe,,, this i like

    • Silvia_njoki

      Thank you

  • Elle Okumu

    Loving the boss lady look. It sure does suit you.

    • Silvia_njoki

      I think i’ll try more of these looks

  • Chic And Legal

    Its inspiring that you got the courage to leave the old job and do what you love. stunning as always.

    • Silvia_njoki

      It was hard at first, but certainly the best decision ever.

  • Kay

    I feel so enclosed by my profession. It really isn’t for me. So I find it commendable that you figured out what you wanted and went for it. With no security or definite success, that takes guts. It is an example to the rest of us who understand the feeling. Like your blog too. Kisses 🙂

    • Silvia_njoki

      Don’t wait too long, start making small changes now…

  • june

    Sylvia,this is absolutely gorgeous and resembles one of my own DIYS i did awhile lucky my office allows me all the experimenting i want 🙂

    • Silvia_njoki

      thats so cool. Yaayy to being fab at the office 🙂

  • Wasidah Francois

    OMG i love your style Wasidah

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante sana 🙂