UAP 2017 Ndakaini Half Marathon Race Recap

ndakaini half marathon 2017

Back in my high school years I was a well-trained athlete winning many running competitions at various levels.  But as the years passed so did my enthusiasm for running and most other forms of physical exercise, and my fitness level dropped considerably.  However as part of my new healthy lifestyle, including a totally vegan diet which I adopted some three months ago, I wanted to make a real effort to keep fit, and since I never really cared much for going to the gym, I decided to take up running again, and teamed up with three of my friends with the same passion, and we signed up for the 10 kilometer run at the Ndakaini half-marathon on 30th September.

I started out with a 20 minute run on the beach a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t easy and of course I experienced some muscle pain, but I didn’t give up and kept pushing myself to improve the mileage. But in my eagerness I guess I was asking too much of myself in too short a time and I ended up injuring my joints and especially my right knee, so much that I couldn’t run, walk without a limp or wear heels for a while.  I was actually afraid that I would not be able to run at Ndakaini but swimming, physiotherapy, water aerobics and yoga helped me both to recover and to keep my spirits high.

I had an early dinner the night before the marathon a huge sized portion of roasted potatoes with a medley of vegetables. I slept fairly well and in the morning had a huge bowl of fruit at 5:30AM. I joined my team mates at 7AM for the long drive to Ndakaini, these girls have been absolutely inspiring and I wouldn’t have been as motivated without them. 4 of us were doing the 10KMS and one was running the 21KMS half marathon. The landscape was beautiful and at some point, I stopped to take some photos and just take it all in. Remembering that the main justification for holding the race I these hills was to boost the local conservation efforts.

ndakaini dam

It was a wonderful feeling to cross the finish line and realize that against all odds I had actually made it – success is how you bounce back after hitting the bottom. I knew it was going to be hard but not impossible, and the feeling right when you cross the finishing line took me back to the joy of racing in high school more than a decade ago – the feeling is incomparable.

ndakaini marathon

I am back to training for my next marathon, Where I plan to do the full 21 kilometers.

I wore the Adidas pure boost for this race

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