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[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”2″]S[/su_dropcap]ome of you may not know that besides my styling work and blogging, I am also a journalist who writes for the PULSE magazine of the Standard Newspaper, one of the two biggest daily papers in the country. PULSE magazine is a weekly pull-out in your Friday Standard newspaper, focused on entertainment, fashion and celebrity lifestyle, and my job is to contribute in these fields.

Anyway…. This weekend was when we had our staff retreat to get to know each other at a more personal level and to bond as a team, since we are few enough to feel the togetherness but still don’t get to know each other  like this at our weekly editorial meetings in the office.

We spent two days and one night at Cray fish camp in Naivasha

I managed to capture a beautiful sunset dipped into the clouds on our way to the camp

sunset naivasha


Staying in a tented camp was a really great idea, since we could sit around the campfire into the early morning hours before retreating into our tents and have some drinks together and share our personal stories.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciated to be let into the personal lives of my colleagues and vice versa. Spending time with my friends around the dinner table and in the bar and finally around the fire, which I love, made this a very memorable experience and definitely the highlight of my weekend.


Sleeping in a tiny tent on a tiny mattress was not so bad, In fact, I slept so well that my colleague had to wake me up in order for me not to miss my breakfast!!

cray fish Naivasha

This was a wonderful experience, which will make a lot of difference in how I relate with my colleagues, stronger bonds were formed.

Pulse magazine is where I feel my writing activities are anchored at the most professional level and much appreciated, So much so that they presented me with an award “for exemplary performance” at the end of year party in 2014. Which I don’t think I have mentioned to you before, but which made me really proud !

It will however never overshadow my blogging activities, which after only two years have become such an important part of my life, and where I am able to interact and communicate with my readers in a way which I never do as a newspaper writer. I love my blog and I love all of you who read it and send me your comments, which inspire me to do even better.  So do keep them coming.

silvia njoki silvia njoki blog


Have a great week!