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A few days ago when I was choosing my scent for the day, my three-year-old daughter asked me “Why do you like perfumes?”,  and when I told her it’s because they smell nice and I like to smell nice, she came back with another “Why?”  to which, after a brief pause to put my feelings into words, I responded, “Because I feel good when I smell good”.  In fact, my everyday routine would never be complete without a spritz of one of my trusted scents on top of a dab of petroleum jelly and not to rub it in. This helps any scent to last longer.  The right fragrance will raise your self-confidence and send strong signals to those around you about who you are or how you would like to be perceived. 

silvia njokiSome fragrances have taken me back to memories of an ex, both good and bad. Very recently, a lady sat next to me on the plane and I swear her perfume was the same one my primary school teacher wore. It brought back so many strong memories.

I don’t really have a signature scent, but I know that I am drawn to flowery, fruity and sweet scents, and I do have a few favourites like most other women, including my long-time top choice Omnia , which is sadly not produced anymore.

As much as I love to experiment  with new scents, I do not enjoy perfume shopping. I find it such a daunting task; so I am always looking for recommendations and never letting an opportunity to try out a new fragrance pass by; so when Bvlgari recently launched their first new collection in about ten years, I was thrilled to lay my hands on the beautiful ‘jeweled bottle’ of what is expected to be its pillar. Goldea, which Bvlgari describes as “a tribute to the golden goddess of beauty and sun”.  In perfect Bvlgari tradition, the bottle is beautifully designed and a true pleasure to hold in my hand. And when I sprayed the first few drops on my wrist,  I knew that I had found a challenger to the richness of Omnia, which I have loved for as long as I can remember. 

Goldea is not for the fainthearted with its rich heavy musky palette of flowery notes. I find it hard for me in just a few words to describe such a sophisticated scent. All I can do is share my own perceptions and emotions towards it. In a sense, It reflects the maturity I am aiming to achieve in both my social and professional life, it is a fragrance  I like to wear after dark.  It is not flirtatious, playful or whimsical, but offers a perfect match to a serious and sensuous style. 

Since I know how hard it can be to find an original bottle in Kenya, here is where to go in Nairobi: 

Petals in Lavington Mall, T-Mall and Garden City Mall, at Sensations in Thika Road Mall and on Kenyatta Avenue ,  in Madora at the Hub in Karen and Westgate Mall in Westlands and  at also at the Fragrance lounge at the hub in Karen, Westgate Mall, Galleria Mall and at The Junction

Charles Ngomo Photography

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bvlgari goldea


silvia njoki, bvlgari goldea