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Trench dress- cover

I must admit, for a while now, I have been steering away from short dresses like this one. Although they can be very cute and flattering. They just feel like such a task to wear in this country, you either wear them after dark, on the beach or with dark coloured stockings that almost completely ruin the look. 

Charles Ngomo Photography

Makeup by @phoinatosha

Shot at the Marula House

I wore this dress to an evening cocktail party, albeit styled differently. For the shoot, I went with this gorgeous ring and earrings. Which I wish I wore to the cocktail party. They are edgy and classy, simple and yet very artistic.  This is precisely the style I am looking for in accessories – and by extension in most of my overall outfits. I feel that  this particular pair of earrings and ring can be worn casually or even formally, the design is simple yet intricate and perfect for me. The kind of style I like.

But what really is style? How do you define this beautiful universe of fashion and beauty in your own few words?  That’s the question I have been asking myself for some time, and I am so excited that in just a couple of short weeks I shall be launching a brand new blog www.styleyetu.com  which I hope will become your go-to website for style inspiration. And do not worry, silvianjoki.com is not going anywhere.

The countdown  is already running for the 14 days remaining before the launch.  And in the meantime we are offering you daily takes by your favourite celebrities of what THEIR style is. Check them out on the Style Yetu Instagram page @styleyetu.  And whatever your own style may be, we shall be happy to celebrate you as well just #Styleyetu. I will be sharing more about this new project next week.

Such an exciting time… But amid all this excitement I also have other plans and commitments, and tomorrow I shall be travelling to Dakar, Senegal for a forum of African bloggers and YouTubers.  It will be a unique opportunity to meet with like-minded people from all over the continent and for us to share our experiences and projections for the future in this field. Watch this space for news and feedback. So I gotta go pack now.

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Happy Madaraka Day!

 Trench dress– Fashion Bar in Veteran house

Earrings and Ring Embody Accessories

 ShoesBackyard Shoes 

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Silvia njoki - Daniel Wellington

style by silvia

silvia njoki - trench dress

silvia njoki -embody accessories


silvia njoki Marula house