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minime maxi dress

For as long as I can remember I have always loved sunrises and sunsets. And lately I have found that they are definitely my best times of the day.
I am not an early riser, especially when I have no morning appointments to keep. But the sunrises we experience here on our beautiful Kenya coast are wonderful!

And when I am here in my coastal home, the thought of enjoying them is just about the only thing which can get me out of bed before 7am.
This is one such morning, when I was lucky enough to enjoy a spectacular sunrise with my daughter Nielsine on the beach in front of our home. The rainy season has set in with force, the dull clouds and sun fight for a place in the sky, Its beautiful to be able capture such light. We love the beach so much, and we go there at least once or twice a day, especially in the early morning or late afternoon.

Our white matching maxi dresses reminded me of a wedding, and my dream is one day to say “I do” on the beach in the wonderful light of the rising sun.

My work as a fashion stylist requires me to spend quite a considerable amount of time at our home in Nairobi. Occasionally, I go there with my daughter, but mostly, my Nairobi stays means that I have to be away from my family. I love my job, but I miss my family at the coast, the beach, our dogs, and all all the other joys Nielsine constantly gives me.

I am so happy that more and more flights are now available to take me home. Especially those of Jambojet which just inaugurated daily flights to three more destinations on the Kenyan coast. Lamu, Ukunda and Malindi. I can’t wait to visit these places with Jambojet in the coming weeks, and share the beauty of what Kenya has to offer. Their flights are comfortable, convenient – and good value for money!
I try to balance work with family life, and I think I am doing a pretty good job at it. My frequent stays in Nairobi make it so much sweeter to fly home to my wonderful daughter to spend quality time with her. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds – thanks to the wings in the sky.

Style Note

For mini-me looks, I go for simple cuts and classic designs. I avoid over-the-top designs that would be overwhelming on her.

nielsine sunrise kenyan coast Nielsine Muthoni nielsine silvia njoki silvia njoki and daughter minime silvia njoki minime maxi dress silvia njoki mini me silvia njoki blog

Dresses – DIY

my earrings – same worn here 


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  • Amazing.. You both look beautiful against that background. Love and much love 🙂

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you Merilyn. Glad you like them x

  • kitten

    now that’s breathtaking ……beautiful moments captured!!!!

    • Stylebysilvia

      So worth getting up for

  • Lola

    Oooh my ovaries!!!

    • Stylebysilvia

      Hahaha. I almost want a number 2 as well…

  • Soni Asumpta

    This is so beautiful

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you Soni x

  • janet

    Stunning! Simply divine . She is so grown. I’ve followed her since she was born On Facebook

    • Stylebysilvia

      She is so tall !! It’s amazing

  • Girl you make me want to have a baby:) you both look so sweeeeet am speachless

    • Stylebysilvia

      Awwww. One day you will experience the joy of motherhood. amen xx

  • Diana Ratemo

    Girl you’re so talented!! I love both your dresses. You shold have an online store already, I’d buy all of your pieces. And I really hope you win the 2 BAKE awards. Just voted. You deserve them. Love.

    • Stylebysilvia

      Wow ! That’s really cool to hear. I definitely want to design in the future … asante!
      And thank you for your vote ! And mostly your support love and love xxx

  • I love both dresses…your beach pieces are so cute Silvia.Kisses to baby Nielsine she is adorable.

    • Stylebysilvia

      Thank you so much.ill send her your love xxx

  • TheReelRhee

    Omg whoever took your photos needs to open a studio

  • Mimi

    These pictures just took my breath away! So beautiful! The sunset, the blue skies, that powder white beach sand…what I wouldn’t give for a home on the coast and a mini-me!

  • Judy

    I love mini me post….when is the next 🙂

  • Jean

    So beautiful.

  • Winnie Sande

    Whao yoh so talented i hope you get to win, i love photos and your photos are great

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  • These pictures are just TOO LOVELY!so envious 🙂