Why I Cut My Locs

why i cut my hair

This is a short video where I try to explain why I cut my hair after 5 years! Its been an amazing journey and this was not an easy decision, but I am ready for a new hairstyle (sisterlocks) that allows me more versatility yet still maintaining my hair in a manageable and natural state.



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  • You look amazing and I can’t wait to see what this new journey has in store for you and for us (your fans).

  • Wacuka

    OMG! Your locks were so beautiful….
    Whichever way you still look so beautiful.
    I am still holding on to my locks.*Wink*
    Mine will be five years next month.

  • Definitely loving the new hairstyle, it suits you so well.

  • I super love your short hair.
    At least you got thick hair to do dread for starts. I have long THIN hair and I have always wanted {Clearly we can’t always get what we want} Kinky hair to do lots of natural stuff like -Sheila Ndinda” -#Sigh.
    You look amazing.
    FOODIES: http://tastiedine.com/2017/03/28/homemade-sloppy-joes/

  • Natalie M Ndunda

    Hello Silvia, the sisterlocks are amazing! Just a quick one, where in Kenya did you have them installed?