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Why I Cut My Locs

This is a short video where I try to explain why I cut my hair after 5 years! Its been an amazing journey and this was not an easy decision, but I am ready for a new hairstyle (sisterlocks) that allows me more versatility yet still maintaining my hair in a manageable and natural state.


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  1. You look amazing and I can’t wait to see what this new journey has in store for you and for us (your fans).

  2. OMG! Your locks were so beautiful….
    Whichever way you still look so beautiful.
    I am still holding on to my locks.*Wink*
    Mine will be five years next month.

  3. Definitely loving the new hairstyle, it suits you so well.

  4. I super love your short hair.
    At least you got thick hair to do dread for starts. I have long THIN hair and I have always wanted {Clearly we can’t always get what we want} Kinky hair to do lots of natural stuff like -Sheila Ndinda” -#Sigh.
    You look amazing.
    FOODIES: http://tastiedine.com/2017/03/28/homemade-sloppy-joes/

  5. Hello Silvia, the sisterlocks are amazing! Just a quick one, where in Kenya did you have them installed?