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At The Yves Rocher Customer Appreciation Party

About two months ago, I decided to put my styling career on the back burner and work as a blogger and newspaper columnist full time. It’s been a learning experience as I try to adjust the sails. With that said, you should expect more frequent content here. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back on this space and to be able to share with you tidbits of my life and what I have been up-to. I also hope you like the new look of the site. Once every year I like to give this baby a makeover and this is the result of a one week on and off creative battle with my IT guy. Let me know what you think …

A few months ago, Yves Rocher, a renowned international skin care brand launched their presence in Kenya. This half a century old French family owned and managed company which stands for a total commitment to using only organic compounds in their beauty and skin care products, called on their customers to join them in a customer appreciation party at the One off Contemporary art gallery in Nairobi – perfectly tucked away in a little forest away from the city

After weeks of working non-stop, I was ready to take a few moments to slow down and relax, meet new people, enjoy some bubbly and delicious canapes. We mingled, talked skin care and some guests even got mini make-overs as we enjoyed the art at the gallery which aims to represent some of the most established artists in Kenya and East Africa. The exhibitions are an array of art objects ranging from paintings, sculptures to all forms of decorative art. I hope that these photos bring you at least a sparkle of the excitement at this get-together, and that you will not hesitate to drop into one of the newly opened Yves Rocher shops in Westgate and Village market to seek what’s perfect your skin.

Photography by Charles Ngomo 
Wearing Backyardshoez same here, Coat – here, Dress – Atmosphere, Bag – Neon27
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  1. what a beautiful post, I felt like I was there with you. Please let us know which products you went for and are using. Nice to have you back, hope to see new posts and this layout is very nice and loads much easier than the last one. Awesome post

    1. Thank you for the love, I have only started a few of their products so still too early to give an honest review. What you must get is their Evidence Le Parfum! its heaven !! I got this little sample that is always in my purse. love it

  2. Love this post. The layout is awesome too I must agree with Wanjeri, it loads faster. You look so flawless. Good Job!

    1. It does load much faster, Asante sana…

  3. Omg😍😍😍 you look stunning, amazing post! Mi I like, I like the new layout too it’s so awesome! Can’t wait for more posts ❤️

    1. Keep it here 😉 thank you so much

  4. The new look is wicked! thumbs up. both of them.



    1. asante sana Oshin

  5. Gorgesouly beautiful

    1. Thank you Cornellie 🙂

  6. Did you just revamp the site? OMG, this new look is bananas . . . and you, on the other hand are slaying. #everythingonfleek

    1. Yes we did, glad you love ! xoxo

  7. Guuuuurl this new look, we are going global with the layout! I love the post you are giving me courage every day to just move on from this 8-5 shenanigans. I have reached a point I just sit at my desk and plan my blog calendar. I kent anymore, styling sounds so much more fun though I hope you still have one or two clients so you can play around in clothes.

    1. Glad you like it Grace… it loads faster and easy to browse around. I will still be styling specific clients and projects, styling is my first love 🙂

  8. Your hair and nails are so so gorgeous. Where did you do your nails?

    1. By @stivmakeup on IG 😊 asante

  9. Yaaas..Glad to have you back to blogging.
    The new layout is on point!It loads much faster and it looks clean!
    Looking good as always..Your outfit is bomb.com


    1. Loved this outfit too. Thank you dear 😊😊😊

  10. whooop!! love the new layout, that theme is good!! its classy, crisp and elegant! I simply love good websites (The geek in me 🙂

    For the outfit..you look amazing, and the photography is soooooo on point!! love love the clarity!


    1. Your site is so lush as well xox

  11. The new layout is 👌👌👌👌 love it! Very easy to read. Also love your hair

    1. Loved my hair on this day too:) asante xox

    It’s clean, and has less going on and is really easy on the eye.

  13. Really love your outfit especially the shoes 😍.any Yves Rocher product reviews?