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10 Outfits For Every Occasion The Cold Weather


outfits for the cold weather

The rains are heavy this year and I hope the farmers are happy. But for us living in an urban environment they mainly bring cold and miserable weather – even on the coast, although the milder temperatures here make the wet and windy weather easier to bear. This is when it becomes imperative to protect yourself against the rage of the elements.

My nature tells me to take a positive attitude and look at the bright side of tropical winter clothing. Personally I actually enjoy feeling warm, snug and dry in a comfortable and appropriate outfit. And even better, it’s a welcome opportunity for you to roam through your closet and drawers and pick out some fashionable and edgy pieces which you haven’t worn for months; or even award yourself some compensation by going on a shopping spree to see what is new in sweaters, jackets, coats and boots.
Clothes for this kind of weather don’t have to drab, clumsy and boring. I actually enjoy dressing for the cold weather, To show you what I mean let me share with you some of my favourite “winter”-outfits from the past year. I find that I lean more towards faux fur and trench coats. What’s your ‘winter’ style?

Running Errands? Try this

silvia njoki trench coat 2

Night out with the girls ? try this


Or this


Date night? This look is for you

gridlines silvia njoki

Official Looks in a formal setting

sylvia njoki

Official Look in an Informal setting


Or this body suit and trench coat look

silvia njoki trench coat 3

Day time festival stay warm in this look

silvia njoki

Night time outdoor concert this look

silvia njoki fur coat

Fashion Party stand out in this look 

silvia-njoki style