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Travel with me to turkey AUgust 2021

I am really excited to announce that I shall be hosting a trip to Turkey this August with Wander XO, and the best thing is that you are all invited.  The programme which I worked on for weeks in collaboration with local guides and experts put together jointly with wander xo, covers the most important and enjoyable touristic locations of this amazing country.

Personally, I am looking forward to the dinner cruise on the Bosphorus the first evening, and the highlight for me will be the balloon ride over the magical landscape and rock houses of Cappadocia – only one of the several photogenic experiences of our visit. And I can’t wait for us to party together! During this trip we will have one on one sessions where I will take you through my creative process, how I shoot on phone and on camera and how to get your instagram aesthetics on point.  Check out the itinerary I put together for you.





I am trying to keep the group small so I can have time for lots of one-on-one relationships with all of you including chats about fashion and beauty. So since the slots are limited I urge you to make your booking as soon as possible. The first five participants to book will get a 100 dollar discount off the all-inclusive fee for the trip. Please send me an email incase you need any clarification. 

You can make your booking HERE

My friends at wander XO will help with visas, flights and all the necessary documentation. I will also create a whatsApp group with wander xo where we can get together and align our flights, and put together any necessary details, queries and plans that you may have. 

I look forward to travelling and hanging out with you in turkey this August!