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Breakfast by the Dubai Marina Promenade

I just got back home from an amazing trip to Dubai together with other bloggers from Africa and the Middle East. We were there at the invitation of Google who had prepared an exciting range of unique touristic experiences for us to enjoy during our all too short stay (if I do say so myself 🙂 )
But it was fun with a purpose, since for each of our several activities we were given a number of challenges requiring each of us to use specific Google apps; For instance when having dinner at an Italian restaurant  on the first night, we were given a menu in Italian only and had to interpret it using Google Translator in order to choose our favourite dish. And on a two hour walk through the old Dubai the challenge was to find our way from one destination to the other through the narrow alleys using Google Maps starting at the old souk with its abundance of spices until we found our way to our lunch destination.

For a cooking competition one morning we were asked to Google the steps of the food preparation based on a German menu including the perfect way to slice an avocado, converting ounces to grams all by using the Google apps and translator.
I loved my time in Dubai; the google event, scenic views and the buzzing malls. I loved it so much that I decided to stay on for two more days after everybody else had left and had time for some Christmas shopping.

I am soon putting up a vlog soon about my visit, but in the meantime please enjoy these shots which I did by the Marina promenade one morning before breakfast at a restaurant by the Dubai marina promenade. Pictured below are stacked butter milk pancakes. Yum!

Top and skirt from River Island, Shoes from publicdesire

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