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Celebrate in Style With Lancôme this Festive Season

The festive season is over us and each of us in our own individual way is in the mood to celebrate. With my little daughter now approaching four years of age, the family celebrations will obviously be centered around her and what Santa might bring for her, since she has earned her way into the ‘nice list’ by been a really good girl all year. However for me personally, I have already discovered how a good meal, family, a nice outfit, and makeup can instantly switch me into party mode.

And since beauty is a subtle combination of the clothes and the scent you wear, my thoughts go back to Christmas three years ago when a dear friend of mine gave me a bottle of wonderful La Vie est Belle by Lancôme just after it had been launched. I fell for it and have been loving it ever since. I wore it during my final months of pregnancy, so of course it has a special meaning to me. It entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of praline; it’s simply one of these scents which you never get over. I love to buy perfumes and have quite a huge collection on my shelf, but this is one I have held on to for a while; I go through at least one bottle a year. And now four years later, I recently visited the Lintons shop and got myself a new bottle to continue enjoying the memories that this beautiful scent evokes.

If you take a pre-Christmas visit to the Lintons beauty shop at Nairobi’s Junction Mall, one of their attendants will be happy to share with you a sample or two, and as a special holiday offer, they will let you have a professional makeup consultation if you spend over Shs. 7,000 on their goods, which will not be hard, since there is so much to tempt you on the shelves.

Lancôme is Luxury brand, formulated for the elegant, feminine, intelligent, powerful, sensual woman like you. Their aim with this shop is to make their fragrances and beauty products available to the Kenyan women, and in the words of their Retail Education Manager during its launch in Kenya “For us beauty and happiness go hand in hand”. In other words, it is one thing to smell good, but looking good as well sends an even stronger signal to those around you.
I find it beautiful that Linton is offering this makeup consultation, showing you some options especially tailored to your skin type, face shape and even your personality offering you a few insider tricks to let you celebrate the holidays in style and face the coming year with confidence.

So go ahead and give them a chance to help you to make this a beautiful and a happy holiday.

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