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Celebrating Love and Loving Yourself – Valentine’s day 2017

I think it is harder to love yourself than others. I always found it so much more natural to give rather than to demand, to make more time for others than I do for myself. But if you don’t love yourself, then your love for others will just be a way for you to make others meet your emotional needs.  To love yourself means accepting who you are with your flaws and weaknesses. This is not always easy, but to accept these things is very important. Acknowledging what makes you perfectly imperfect makes you a better partner, mother and even friend.  I do struggle with this as well, but I know that no one is perfect and we are all worthy of love, as the people we love are worthy. The truth is that if you honestly love yourself the world will love you because you radiate happiness, beauty and self-confidence.

I wanted to write about this because I recently talked to a friend whose relationship ended because she was always focusing on and whining to her partner about the things she didn’t like about herself, and these destructive talks ended up taking control of their relationship, causing arguments and insecurities which in the end drove the relationship off the cliff. So this Valentine’s day, whether you are single or taken, make time for yourself, pamper yourself as you would for a loved one, and then start spreading that love around you.

I took a different creative direction and really had fun at this shoot and this post is dedicated to the celebration of love and all the beautiful things that encompass a typical love celebration on Valentine’s Day; chocolate, wine, flowers and a good perfume. My newest discovery is the sensuous fragrance of Love Potion by Oriflame. It is a real aphrodisiac perfume based on ginger and chocolate – in other words the embodiment of seduction. This is a richly fragrant perfume so a little goes a long way. I like to layer the perfume with the lotion; the perfume is musky, warm, chocolaty and gingery while the lotion has a much lighter scent. They bring out the best in each other and last longer.

Perfume and lotion available at Oriflame stores in Nairobi at the Kenya Cinema, Sixeighty and in Goodman Towers in Westlands and in Mombasa at TSS building.

or shop it here

Happy Valentines day to you all!

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love potion by oriflame

Sylvia Njoki-love potion oriflams

style by silvia

silvia njoki

oriflame love potion

Oriflame love potion

love potion lotion

style by silvia

heenie photography

valentines day 2017

Sylvia Njoki-valentines

Photography by Heenie Photography

Hair by dgohniehairarts

Makeup and art direction by me.