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Here’s How I Make Breakouts and Blemishes Invisible in Less Than 24 Hours


When I first heard of this tiny tube of SOS Spot Gel which is supposed to solve your problems of blackheads, pimples and skin blemishes in just 8 hours.  At first I didn’t believe that any single product could be so effective for acne prone skin, but since I am a dedicated believer in the efficiency of the amazing Oriflame products, I decided to give it a try.  Luckily I am past the age where the dreaded pimples dominated my skin, but during that time once a month I do experience skin breakouts and blemishes.

So what I did was to incorporate the SOS Spot Gel in my skin care routine that you can see  here, applying it after my early evening shower and leaving it until my shower next morning for a second application. The product claims to clear blemishes in 8 hours but I normally give it a day.   It didn’t remove the blemishes completely overnight, but I definitely noticed a marked improvement after the first night and continued improvement during the day so much so that I have now made it part of my regular skin care routine swapping my moisturizer for it, on days when I am most prone to acne breakouts.

Formulated with natural guava extract and Detect Technology featuring salicylic acid this dermatologically tested gel certainly does its job, and this crystal clear, non-greasy oil-free gel is easy and pleasant to apply and unproblematic to wear until bed time; and I love its gentle scent and tingly feel when it hits my skin.  It is super concentrated so that the 6 ml contents of the cute tiny tube goes a long way it now has a permanent space on my skin care shelf.

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