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silvia njokiI enjoy the love and peace which the holiday brings, and for a many other reasons as well, including the happiness of the children around me, the extra special and delicious meals we invariably enjoy, and spirit of giving and sharing. Spending it in my home at the coast has been a period of pure joy and relaxation. My family is here for the holidays, and my daughter Nielsine loved to have other kids around all the time and happily shared her toys with them. The kids decorated the Christmas tree almost on their own, and I think it must be our most beautiful tree ever, as you might have seen on my Instagram page.

Biko Wesa Photography

I have purposely taken a week off from the social media to allow myself total immersion in happy family life.  I have been playing with the children, swimming a lot – taken long walks on the beach, and allowed ourselves more time for each other to just relax. It’s been great to be able to sleep as late as I want before diving into January dead set on achieving so much more. With a set of solid plans, which I am determined to actualize with a vengeance. My path is guided and Inspired by the wonderful book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which I have told you about before, I believe in the truth of what it stands for, that “When you really want something with all your heart, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.  You must not only think it but also actually speak it out loud and watch out for omens to follow. 

The outfit you are enjoying in these pictures is my New Year party outfit. Nothing says fun coastal days like an all white look (or almost white in this case) I kept the cardigan on as a fun option for those who may want to rock this look in a cooler climate. But with these chunky Adele Dejak pieces the dress in itself will do, and I am ready to welcome 2016 in style!

Have a super start to the year and thank you for the love and support!

Dress and Cardigan- Vivo, Accessories – Adele Dejak, Shoes – same here

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