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My Lamu style Diary

I love Lamu, and after two years it was high time for me to return for a laid back mini holiday.

I was well aware that the month of May is the climax of the rainy season on the Kenya coast and that going there at precisely this time of the year would be a bit of a gamble, but I took the chance and had an amazing time.

Rain showers come and go so the challenge is to make the best of the sunny spells in between.  The advantage of a May visit is that only few visitors choose to come at the same time, and since it is very low season the cost of accommodation and leisure activities is at rock bottom. But the flip side of the coin is that the bars and clubs are half empty (if not entirely closed for the season) and you will not find the wild party atmosphere  you associate with a popular destination for beach holidays and which I enjoyed when I went there last time in March 2017 before the rainy season started.

You can check on that past visit here. and while I then stayed on Manda Island,  this  time I made the beautiful Moon houses on Lamu Island my home for the week.

Here is my Lamu style diary;

For an evening sundowner by the pool on arrival,  I wore a white maxi dress 


For a walk around Manda, I went for this romper by Maisha Concept and Bata Kenya sandals.


Breakfast and a morning swim by the pool in Myra Swim


A walk around old town in a threefloor dress, I had a shawl around my shoulders to be more modest but took it off for the picture. I would advice you to wear nothing shorter than knee length and avoid exposing chest and arms in old town Lamu which is still a very conservative Muslim community. 


We took a full day yacht cruise on one of our days there where I wore this Zara sheer dress as a cover-up for my swimsuits

Lunch and sun downers in River Island



Lazy days by the pool just soaking in the sun is ASOS


Check out to the airport in Kemi store my American Tourister spinner boxes

Photos by Kevin Buo