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My Baby is TWO!! ( A letter to my daughter)


My sweetest Nielsine,
Today as I sit on our veranda watching the ocean which we both love, It’s amazing how these two years have changed my life and given it a whole new meaning.
I shall never forget the moment when I met you for very first time, my heart was overflowing with gratitude and love.

Since then, you have doubled in age and passed very many milestones in your young life, I have so many wonderful memories of these steps in your development into the beautiful person you are today.
I remember your first words and I am amazed at the rich active vocabulary you already have and how it is expanding every day.
It is awesome to watch you dance full of joy and to listen to your own little songs you have composed yourself, and I wish for you that you will always have music in your heart, and continue enjoying it like you enjoy many other beautiful things in life like you already do the beach, the moon, and the African wildlife.
Not only do you embrace nature and music, you are also the most loving and gentle child I have ever met! I cherish my time with you and the love you are showing me with your smiles and your hugs, your kisses and when you sing your Mommy song and tell me “I love you”.
Even when you tease me in your mischievous ways…
I have come to realize that you cannot chose to love, but that the feeling comes to you naturally from God. Love is being a mutual gift to each other and a sacrifice that doesn’t hurt… You show me love everyday.
My hope is that our relationship will always remain as close as it is today. And that as you grow older, we may grow closer, and that you always will share all your joys and worries with me. Life can place insurmountable obstacles in your path and things will not always go as planned, But as long as I am alive, I want to go through these tough moments with you, with God by our side, we can get through it.
When (with a little help) you blew out the two candles at your birthday cake, you may not have made any wish, as it is tradition. But I can assure you that your friends, family and I wished you a long and happy life and the fulfillment of your dreams as they gradually take shape in you.

‘There is a reason why you are here, a purpose for your life, a destination for your dreams and this world needs you… Go for it!’

Happy birthday my dearest daughter.
Love, Mommy