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silvia njoki

Last Sunday I stayed up late to watch the celebrities strut the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards and I must confess that I paid more attention to the stunning outfits than I did to the winners of various awards.

Charles Ngomo Photography  shot on location at Lake magadi

Only relatively few are allowed to shine on the stage receiving their very coveted awards, but all have a chance to shine on the red carpet, and they all give it their very best. So much effort and planning goes into the final selection of the outfit for a night like this. And everyone tries not to make any mistakes in the eyes of the fashion critics. There is always a lot to learn from the ensembles worn on the red carpet and ideas to follow in order to capture the glamour of this night.

But then as the cavalcade of beautiful women in their most spectacular outfits progressed, I gradually realized that there are only very few fashion rules which are cast in concrete, since such rules would kill the true spirit and beauty of fashion, which to me is its unpredictability. I saw pants and short dresses on the red carpet, styles which would have been unheard of at such an occasion a decade ago.

Always having my next potential blog post in the back of my mind, I was planning to share with you some simple observations and red carpet ideas to follow for our own more modest appearances at major events within our reach, while using this yellow dress as an inspirational example. But after the inventive styling of this night, I feel that I need to offer you more diverse red carpet ideas in the near future. 

As much as there are rules created by fashion professionals across the world, I think we should never take fashion too seriously. Fashion rules are flexible, fashion is forever evolving and at the end of the day fashion is art, and art is meant to be enjoyed.

Earrings and Ring by Adele Dejak, Dress – Afrostreet by Melanie

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