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When to Wear Open-toed or Closed-toed Heels

If I could only own two pairs of heels, I would choose a pair of black pumps and a pair of barely there or minimal heeled sandals, and as far as color goes, black would be my obvious choice and I would like to pass on this advice especially if you are on a budget, looking for functionality, or your style is minimalistic.

But this still doesn’t answer the big question: should I wear closed or open shoes with this or that outfit? It may seem obvious, but one of the oft-repeated questions I get during glamming sessions is “Should I wear closed or open shoes?”

I suppose that there’s no hard and fast rule saying which shoes should go with what, but I strongly believe there are some occasions where you should be strict about whether you go for closed shoes or open shoes. I will share a few guidelines that I go by, which hopefully will save you those extra head-scratching minutes as you prepare for any occasion.

Open toed heels

These are fun, sexy and playful. I normally wear them in relaxed environments. Weddings, parties or any form of celebration offer you this nice way to show off your perfectly pedicured toes. Open toed shoes are generally not taken seriously in a work environment, so I steer away from them during formal occasions. I like that they pair well with literally everything, long or short, slacks or skirts; I simply love them.

As worn here
As worn here

Closed toed shoes
A black version is a very demure shoe that I reserve for more formal occasions. They portray a strong, powerful and mature image and work best worn at a business setting.

Outfit as worn here
Outfit as worn here


A more playful one as the ones shown below can be worn at both formal and casual events depending on what outfit you are wearing.

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Outfit post here

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