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Sharing my Outfits !

As I am sure you already realize, I love fashion! Just couldn’t live without it…. And styling myself gives me a very special satisfaction – out of professional pride.

silvia njoki outfits

Over the past months I have regularly shared my outfit of the day,  on instagram and Facebook and have had many enthusiastic reactions from my friends and followers.

Most Requesting details of where I shop.

So I plan on sharing it here!! This is not the direction, which I originally planned this blog to take since; essentially, it is about things I make and not really a fashion blog as such.  However, since I am a fashion stylist at heart as well as by profession, style is honestly quite high on the list of Things I Make.   And I have already a few times posted pics of some of the outfits I have created for others. So I was thinking, why not also share some of the outfits which I have created for myself with love and dedication.

whitemaxi dress

I have had many questions about my daily outfits, including where I have sourced the individual items and how I got the inspiration to combine them for an overall look.  And this is my chance to share some of the answers with you as well.


As you can see, my style concept can best be described as Unpredictable.

From now on, I will be sharing some of my outfit posts here, just as you requested… and I would love to get your feedback.

leather skirt