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Safari Mobile Preset


The Safari preset is the ideal preset to bring out a warm vintage feel. It focuses on the browns, oranges, whites and blacks creating unique warm and earthy tones. The variations of this preset will give you a strong look for a moody and earthy feed

*You will receive 7 unique variations of this preset.

  •  Email confirmation with download links will be sent to you after payment is confirmed. The mobile presets can be downloaded directly to your phone through the order confirmation email.
  • To use them you will need to download Lightroom – a free app for your mobile.
  • Always start with a high quality image, These presets work on both phone and camera photos and are compatible with both RAW and Jpeg format.
  • In some cases, presets will work on one click. However – you will almost always need some tweaking on your images as the photography conditions such as lighting and the camera equipment used will not always be the same hence affecting the overall image and how the preset looks on your photo.

 Click HERE to learn how to install and use your mobile presets.

I know how convenient it is to edit your pictures on the go, I have carefully crafted and fine tuned these Lightroom Mobile presets over the years to use and edit on my mobile phone. These are the exact presets I use to edit photos for my Instagram.

I have a detailed tutorial below on how to install and use these presets on your mobile. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.