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Sheer Breeze

Photos: Osse Greca Sinare (OGS Studios) @ossegrecasinare

When I was in Tanzania two weeks ago for the Swahili Fashion Week, my friend and Top designer Eskado bird, who’s style I adore, let me have this beautiful outfit from her Evolution Collection.
I did this shoot at a cliff outside town at low tide With Osse who is an amazing photographer – Captured with the stunning background of the rocky beach.
It was a hot afternoon, but the light fabrics ensured that I stayed cool and comfortable. And the balmy breeze, which you always find at the coast, gave me an airy feeling and let the sheer dress flow freely in the air in a very sensuous fashion, which I love.
It is such a great experience to do editorial shoots like this with a top notch photographer, and I will do it as often as I have the opportunity.
This is one of a series of shoots I did with Osse, and I look forward to sharing the others, every Friday in the coming weeks.

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Have a great weekend!