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Mac’s Tribal Makeup Party

silvia-njoki-mac-tribal-makeup-party7 (1)[su_dropcap style=”simple”]A [/su_dropcap]couple of weeks ago, I attended a MAC makeup party at their Garden City Mall store. The intimate party was tribal themed and most of the guests got tribal-inspired makeup. Ideally, I should have worn Kikuyu regalia and had my face smeared with red ochre and white face paint to resemble that of my tribe.

photography by Charles Ngomo

I do not normally break dress codes, In fact, I knew of a place I could get the traditional Kikuyu outfits, but I never made it in time; and I am glad I did because no one was traditionally clad anyway. So I settled for this outfit gifted to me by one of my fave Tanzanian designers Eskado Bird close to 5 years ago and is still one of my best pieces. I love the cowl back for a night out, and for an everyday look I pair it with blue or black jeans.

I got my facebeat from start to finish by my good friend Debby, who has done my makeup here and here.
And after a fun mingling, wine and bitings session, we decided to hit the club in our tribal makeup – I, Debby and another makeup artist. Totally unplanned, and we sure did turn heads, although I felt like I had to explain to at least 50 people that night in the bar why we had such ‘fancy’ make up on. Save for that, we had so much fun!

Outfit by Eskado bird,  Shoes- same here

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All The Fun Pictures From MAC’s Tribal Makeup Party