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Silvia njoki (1)[su_dropcap style=”simple”]I[/su_dropcap] love any form of celebration of love, and especially weddings. The Kenyan TV stations present us with a variety of wedding shows, including the stories of the couples, the challenges of the preparations and the glamour of the celebration itself. I always connect with the challenges the bride and the bridesmaids face when looking for dresses for the line-up.

I have experienced this first hand as a stylist and having been a bridesmaid myself. It can be a real struggle to find a dress that suits all of the bridesmaids.  Each woman has her own particular taste, body shape and overall fashion style, but luckily there is so much which can be done to allow each of the bridesmaids to shine while still maintaining a degree of uniformity – without always dressing them up in uniforms. And that’s where this multi-way dress comes in. I am very attracted to the idea of letting each maid wrap the same dress around her body in a different ways.  It lets them experiment with the different options and express themselves creatively, with each of them making an individual statement. This dress is very versatile and calls for that show of individuality. The following are just five of the many ways to wear this dress.

Dress – Vivo, Sunglasses – Gifted, Earrings- Old from Mr.Price

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