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As you may be aware, the voter registration for the next Kenyan election has now been launched, but sadly I am noticing that a lot of people on social media are questioning the necessity of this. In a sense they are shrugging their shoulders suggesting that the situation will not change no matter what the outcome of the election may be and that consequently their vote is worthless – so why bother.

Photography by Charles Ngomo

Makeup by Phoinatosha

But I beg to differ and take the view that registering as a voter and show your support for this democratic process is a basic responsibility in addition to being a privilege which in a number of other societies is denied its citizens.
I really hope you will grab this opportunity to make your voice heard on the national political arena. I am proud that I did it last time some three years ago, and I shall definitely vote next time around. Voting is power, and I enjoy exercising this power in support of our democratic process. However, what I don’t like are the killer queues where you normally have to wait for hours in the blazing sun, and I wish there would be an option for online voting. But even that hardship will never stop me from standing tall with confidence in our democracy. Still on the subject of voting, I hope you are finding the time to vote for me for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award of Favourite African blogger here http://kca.nickelodeonafrica.com/vote/Favourite-African-Blogger More details on the event here

Luckily it’s a much easier online process, and you can even have fun doing it on Twitter by tweeting “@nickafrica @silvianjoki #votesilvia,

Please do give it your best shot.

When it comes to the national elections, Voting not only gives the people, who you think deserve to lead us power to do so – It also gives you a sense of power, and of being part of the winning team. Clothes do that for us as well. They can make you feel on the top of the world. Wearing this suit, is my definition of a power look. The outfit projects an image of being fully in control, It allows me to stand tall and confident and gives me a feeling of true authority and a firm belief that I have the power to make a difference in my own sphere.
The sheer paneled top makes me feel like a sexy hence elevating my pride as a woman. The well tailored suit makes me feel powerful and in authority like a boss. The shoes make me feel lady like and elegant and the makeup makes me feel beautiful. In other words, demanding attention without actually doing or saying much. That’s how much power clothes can subconsciously give you; they bring out your character which is your true power. What are you wearing today? Please tag me some of your true boss looks @silvianjoki

I would love to see the outfits that make you feel powerful and sexy.

Suit from Mango, Shoes – Backyard Shoes , Sheer top – same here

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