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When I lived in London, I found that clothes (as they rightfully should) were an important form of expression, and a lot of people adopted various fashion styles to project the image they want the world to have of them. And that’s what clothes should do for me and you; they should speak for us. But for the longest time after my return to Kenya, I felt inhibited and even somehow crippled by the conservative thinking on the fashion front, and was afraid to try out new trends. However, today we Kenyans are more fashion forward, and thank God I no longer feel the need to justify what I wear.

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And that is why I am excited to occasionally share my new favorite trends. I do not follow all trends; only those that suit my personal style, like this trend from last week.

It’s always fun to see an old trend coming back in style. Flared pants were very popular in the 70s and then came back again briefly when I was in my teens. I remember seeing photos of my dad wearing them when he went to college, and I thought they looked hilarious! But in my early high school years I loved to rock them myself. We used to call them hipsters. But just as quickly as they hit our closets, they were gone and I never thought I’d hear of them again.

 If you have spent your whole life in tight jeans you are not alone, but, lo and behold, the bell shaped flare is taking center stage once again, and some designers even have new lines of flared denim.  It’s interesting to watch how really classic styles keep going in and out of style, just like the hem line keeps going up and down. I believe that trends which do not sacrifice comfort for style will always make a comeback. And these pants are a brilliant example. Nothing says casual-chic than a pair of these ultra flattering pants. Pants can sometimes be quite boring, so whenever you can find a funky way to wear them, I certainly think you should go for it. The flared pants are a case in point, and once again I am quite crazy about them. And most probably my little daughter will be rocking similar pants 20 years from now. Maybe I should save a couple of pairs for her….

Would you rock bell bottom pants ?

Pants and jacket- custom made, shoes -same here , Earrings – Zara

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