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Walk Further, Walk Taller with the New Insolia Shoe Technology

As a teenage girl I was wearing flat shoes or maybe wedges to look a bit taller.  But my love for fashion was already then very strong and my ambitions to be daring with my fashion choices was increasing at a fast pace, and at some point I no longer could resist the temptation to buy a pair of heels.  But learning to walk in them was a real struggle, I remember, and with the support of a good friend I practiced my walk up and down the hallways of the campus halls.  Not very gracefully at first I must admit, since I made the typical beginner’s mistake of starting out on three inches, which you are now warned not to repeat yourself.

This memory came back to me when I heard of BATA’s Insolia shoes, and although by now I have become a seasoned wearer of heels, I immediately recognized how this new technology would have eased my passage from a high heel rookie  to walking gracefully at that crucial time. Perfect high heels can boost a woman’s confidence it is no secret, which comes not only from how she looks but how she feels about herself, combining style, and comfort. This was in the back of the mind of Diana Li, Bata brand manager and Insolia project leader when she ventured into this new project with her team.  “How many women would love to pick out their favourite high heels come Monday morning instead of the usual ballerinas or sneakers?” Diana Li said. “If only they could wear them for a longer time comfortably.”


This is like spoken out of my heart when recalling my efforts to look cute and fashionable during my pregnancy some years ago.  The Insolia patented weight-shift  technology manages to distribute weight equally between the toe and the heel areas. And as you can imagine this translates into less forefoot pressure and improved posture, balance and stability.The new line was rolled out globally in March under the  slogan “Walk Further, Walk Taller” and with Kenya featuring as a major target market in Africa you can now enjoy its benefits immediately, whether you are a beginner or an experienced high heel girl dreaming of that extra comfort. The insolia collection will offer a range of heels that you can wear all day at the office, when pregnant but for me a must have for newbies trying to learn how to walk in heels.

And even though I have graduated to sky high levels of rocking heels, When I walked out for my photo shoot a few days ago in this pair of insolia heels, I definitely appreciated the pain free comfort it provided. There is a whole range of shoes, so next time you are at a BATA shoe shop, ask to try on a pair.

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