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These past few weeks have been spent settling my daughter into her new school. Our whole regime has changed, but luckily, we are now easing into a new comfortable schedule and I am looking forward to shooting a few more looks for you next week.  

Photography – Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography

 During this time of the year I always wish I were in New York for its spectacular fashion week, which brings together the biggest names in the fashion world.  A large part of the feed I am getting on the social media  these days  (especially from international fashion bloggers and fashionistas in general)  is focused on that event, so in a way I am able to follow it at a fairly close range both on the Internet and on the TV. Every year brings me one step closer to the day when I will attend the shows in person and meet with fashion people I look up to and love. That would be a dream come true. I however pride myself of having attended the London Fashion Week while in fashion school. This was an experience like no other. Getting first hand glimpses of the emerging trends and hanging out with beautiful people is top priority. But I must also admit that I love an opportunity to dress up.

This is an outfit that I have shared before, but the pictures were not the best.  So here we go again… I found my perfect statement dress in this number years ago and I intend to keep on wearing it until it wears out! Such a pretty and flowy dress that can be switched up from day to night. Maxi dresses are my fave items to wear; a maxi, lipstick and massive sunnies are all I need for a dress down day.



Dress – Old Armani Exchange, Watch – Juicy Couture

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