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Where I Spray Perfume to Make It Last

I have a passion for good scents and have talked about this here on the blog for some time. If you have followed my posts, you will know that I love to build my perfume collection. My latest addition being the YSL Mon Paris. This perfume which as you might guess is inspired by the city of intense love , was launched in Kenya in September. As soon as I picked up my first bottle I fell in love with its unique and luxurious design, which seems to reflect the haute couture collections of YSL. The first impression is floral with a hint of fruit, but as the perfume matures on your skin it turns into a musky, sweet scent.
Today I am partnering with Yves Saint Laurent to show you where I spray perfume to make it last.

Behind my ears – This is a common place for most people, and I find that perfume lingers longer here.


On my hair – Hair (especially locs) holds scents well and I do this once or twice a week. However, frequent spraying of the hair with perfume is not a good Idea; the alcohol tends to dry out hair.

I apply the perfume by spraying it into the air and shaking/waving my hair through it.


On my wrist – Another pulse point where I love to apply perfume.


Inside elbows – Especially when I am wearing short sleeves.



Behind my knees – I started doing this a few months ago. Because we are constantly moving, a lot of heat is generated on this part of the body and this works great in enhancing the scent over time.

These are illustrative photos that will hopefully give you a guide while applying perfume. Always ensure that the nozzle is at least 3 inches away from you and that your skin is well moisturised.

This lovely perfume is presently being stocked at at Madora Stores at The Hub and Westgate, and all Lintons beauty stores where you will find attendants waiting to delight you with this beautiful scent.


Photo by Charles Ngomo at the Concord Hotel