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What’s in my carry-on bag, Short Flights

inmybag[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”2″]B[/su_dropcap]efore I had my baby two years ago, I used to travel a lot across the world. Particularly Africa and Europe but also far away places in Asia and the Carribean. I love to travel and through experience learnt how to make even the longest hauls and layovers comfortable. My main aim when traveling is to get to the final destination well rested and to enjoy my holiday from the very start.

Once Nielsine is old enough to get the best out of a foreign country, we shall resume our traveling activities.

However, these days I travel quite often on domestic flights to our home at the coast. Luckily Jambojet offers flights to Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi and Ukunda from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. And depending on the available flights, I am able to connect home easily.  For such short trips, which are normally an hour or less, I rarely check in any baggage but rely entirely on my carry on bag. But even for such short flights, there are still a number of essentials I take with me on the go.

Ticket and Passport

Absolutely mandatory to have your identification, and ticket of course, whether electronic or printed.

Camera, Ipod/Laptop

Electronics are always in my carry-on bag. They are fragile and could easily break during any part of the travel process


Magazines or music for the wait at the airport and on the flight.

A toiletry bag

To pack my hand sanitizer, tissues, lotion, perfume etc. These items never leave my bag anyway, so I always make sure they are in miniature bottles, that will be allowed on flights.


Yes! sunnies, in case I want to sleep. I have never fancied eye masks anyway and I think they are not necessary for short flights. I also developed this habit a few years ago when I read on an inflight magazine that wearing sunglasses before and during long flights helps to beat jet lag !


I always bring a scarf for my flights, in case I need it to keep me warm if the air-conditioning on the flight is too cold.
This one from lifeline fashion is light yet warm enough.
My carry on bag
I simply love my adele dejak hide bag. It’s a giant purse that holds everything I need. I normally store it underneath the seat in front of me, where I can grab whatever I need on the flight easily, plus there is no hustle of getting stuff from the overhead bin when the plane lands. Just grab and go !
This is what makes the cut for me on those frequent short flights. Longer flights require a few more must-haves, that I will share in the future.
What’s in your carry-on bag ?
Safe travels xx