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ciroc party

I love the rich and vibrant night life of Nairobi with its many bars and restaurants, where the music never stops, and every so often I let my hair down and go out partying with friends, as you may have seen on my snapchat (@Silvianjoki). I’ve partnered with Ciroc Premium vodka to share with you some simple tips that I follow on a girls night out.

Photography – Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography Courtesy of www.lakemagadi.com

– My night-out make up is always bold, but my scent soft. Bring out the bronzer, falsies and highlighter! However, I find that Overpowering perfume is not very pleasant in closed rooms.

-Dress to impress but be comfortable. Wear a comfortable pair of heels that you can dance in and which can help you survive long hours that may be spent standing in a club or at a bar.

-Don’t drink on an empty stomach. I plan my evening well by eating a filling meal in advance.

-Hit the club early and go home early if you can. You can easier secure a table you like, and the service is better in a less crowded bar.

-Guard your phone and other valuables well. I ensure that my clutch not only compliments my outfit, but also keeps my things safe and secure and can be tucked under my arm.

-Set a budget and carry some small notes; that will make it easier for you when ordering drinks.

– Order a bottle of water along with your first drink. Drinking as much water as alcoholic drinks throughout the night keeps you hydrated and less prone to hangovers. I try to stick to one kind of liquor, or at least stick to the same color liquor and space my drinks with plenty of water or juice in between. But generally I know just about how much alcohol my body feels comfortable consuming, and when it whispers “stop” I listen.

-Use social media prudently. Think about what you are going to post or say during a night out. Drunken tweets may not be fun for you to discover the following day. And try to post pictures earlier in the night, when everyone looks their best 🙂

-Take off the makeup before you go to bed. You might not feel like doing it, but next morning you’ll be happy you did. Your skin and sheets will thank you.

With these few tips, let’s party in style this coming weekend! come and party with me and all the top celebrities and DJ’s in the country at the CIROC party this Saturday night. Find the details on the poster below.  And as always! I cannot wait to meet you !

Accessories- Adele Dejak, Full outfit-contact,  Thigh high boots – same here

ciroc party silvianjokisignoff (1)

ciroc life-silvia njoki silvia njoki all black -silvia njoki-ciroc vodka ciroc vodka-silvia njoki ciroc vodkaadele-dejak ciroc -party

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  1. Love love your outfit.. Always slaying.. I’m not a night person myself but I think this tips apply not only for the night lige.. Great post.

  2. This is fire ! your blog is life

  3. You make me want to loc my hair ! I would love to come to that party. looks exclusive. nice outfit so dope

  4. yes mama…!!!
    water…that’s the best night out tip everyone should take, hangovers are not a joke lol


  5. everything is on fleek

  6. The shot with the bottle on the ground! Yikes! ngomo is so good!!!
    As always, you look stunning!! ?


  7. This should be an advert!!!
    Super creative!

  8. Those tips might seem simple but they always work for me…You look stunning btw

  9. Me and my friends are planning to come to that party. It would be a dream come true to meet you big fan. I love this outfit too

  10. I need those boots in my life. Your style is simply unpredictable, I love it.

  11. You nailed it Silvia.I love everything about this look..thanks for sharing the tips…http://ruthsfashiondiary.blogspot.co.ke/

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  13. You are slaying!!!!! Damn! That outfit is the bomb and the background is perfect!! Love it!