Whenever I decide to shoot my blogs pics at home, My daughter Nielsine frequently decides to take part in the fun. And I want her to be around us, just like I try to involve her in many more of my activities, so that she can get to know my life better.  It is very important for me that she gets a good understanding of what Mommy is doing even when she is not directly involved. But being the active and bubbly child she is, it can often be hard to keep her behind the photographer. We have tried many tricks to keep her out of the frame of the camera. Most of them work, but sometimes we are not fast enough. Last night I was cleaning up my computer and sorting out photos when I conceived the idea for this post.  I am not always as amused while shooting as I am now looking back at the pictures, but part of being a mom is learning to be patient. Sadly I have deleted most of them, but I decided to share some of the few that I could find with you today with links to the actual posts. 





Palazzo Pants sheer top

silvia njoki photobom



Roar, Tiger head vest, ripped jeans


silvia njoki photobombed



Skater dress Mules







Ankara Maxi dress





On the Rocks




Laced hem Romper




Boy Meets Girl – Kenya Fashion Bloggers Challenge




Double slit maxi

IMG_5994 silvia njoki



DIY skirt to beach vest


silvia njoki photobomb silvia njoki blog


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silvia njoki boat




  • Nya Gem

    Lol beautiful post. She’s just tryna get in on all the dress up and fun.

    • Silvia_njoki

      i guess she is lol

  • Haha she is so cute!!

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante. my lil angel xox

  • Suzy

    lol. What a fun post 😀

    • Silvia_njoki

      Glad you like it

  • Brenda M

    Kids are special . I have a 2 year old and I can never make her still. I wonder how you manage to take Photos of Nielsine. I think its because she is seeing you pose all the time

    • Silvia_njoki

      Nielsine doesn’t like to pose at all ! I try to catch her in her natural element. And it works… Try it 🙂

  • haha i think at some point alikua nataka kubebwa 😀

    • Silvia_njoki

      aki … alikuwa ‘Enough is enough’

  • Wambui

    she’s adorable

    • Silvia_njoki

      asante 🙂

  • Newhere

    I love them!!! I wish I could take my toddler to work ….

    • Silvia_njoki

      We should have ‘bring your baby to work day’

  • Soila le Kariuqie

    Aww!!that’s too sweet.Thanks for sharing

    • Silvia_njoki

      I appreciate the love.

  • Such a Beautiful girl you got there Silvia. Her photobombing just shows that fashion and style runs in her blood. Like mother like daughter.

    • Silvia_njoki

      Asante sana 🙂

  • Chic And Legal

    Cuuute and funny at the same time

    • Silvia_njoki

      glad you like 😀

  • carolkim

    Soooooooooo cute….we can now understand where she gets the poses ….from seeing mummy pose…

    • Silvia_njoki

      Meeehhnnn this girl doesn’t pose. Hard to believe, Its so hard to photograph her sometimes.

  • samoina wangui

    aaaaawww, so beautiful I tell you. I don’t do a shoot for my blog, but you can be sure when you trying to get something done and the little kid just pops in. at the time it is not amusing, but looking back, these are the precious memories to hold on to when they are grown!!

    • Silvia_njoki

      Exactly, lots of laughs about it when she is older.